Rebecca Louise Miller

Writer - Performer - Can of beans

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Mileva Maric albert einstein rebecca louise miller capacity


Mileva Maric has come unstuck in time.

A brilliant physicist and mathemetician, Mileva spent her youth blazing a trail through Europe’s most selective academies, a nearly impossible feat for any woman at the turn of the 19th century. She seemed destined for greatness until she collided with another rising star: a fellow student named Albert Einstein.

Over the course of the play, Mileva steps in and out of her own memory; reenacting her meteoric love story with Albert, and the devastating series of losses that left her literally paralyzed with grief.

Capacity is available for download on the New Play Exchange.

Capacity enjoyed a sold-out and critically acclaimed run at Main Stage West in Sebastopol, CA in 2017.  It was named one of the Bay Area's Top Ten Torn Tickets and received the only 5 star review of local critic David Templeton's two decade-long career.

"5/5 Stars. In Rebecca Louise Miller's emotionally satisfying, occasionally surreal fantasia on the relationship between Albert Einstein and his first wife, Mileva, the playwright pulls away the veneer of saintliness carried for decades by the man who developed the theory of relativity. This cosmic anti–love story was honestly and frankly bitter, and also strangely and compellingly lovely."
-David Templeton, North Bay Bohemian

All photos by Eric Chazankin


Fault Lines

"Welcome to wine country: where the weather is mellow and the disasters epic." 

Jessica, Kat, and Bethany are girlhood friends who witnessed the abduction of their friend Nina from her 12th birthday party. The event triggered a national media feeding frenzy, scarred their shared community and brought their childhoods screaming to a traumatized halt. After two decades apart, reacting to and against their common trauma in vastly different ways, they reunite at Bethany’s home the week the kidnapper is to be executed. While each claims to have come home seeking fellowship and support, all three harbor secrets that will force them into conflict.

Fault Lines has been produced in New York City, London, Northern California, Edinburgh and Chicago.  It was a semi-finalist for the O'Neil Playwrights Conference and a finalist for Playwrights' Week at the Lark.

It was published in the anthology Plays and Playwrights 2011 and is now available for download on the New Play Exchange.

"Provocative, powerful, personal. A tale that focuses with deft precision... could be this generation’s Crimes of the Heart... Miller is a standout with such a subtle delivery that when she has a cathartic moment it is heart wrenching. A new gem of a show... there is no doubt that Miller has a very strong piece on her hands. Be sure to keep an eye on Rebecca Louise Miller."
-Michael Roderick,
"This is not your typical survivors-in-recovery story... The great thing about Fault Lines is that, while it's rooted in an event that happened two decades in the past, it is always about the present, and how each moment leads to a next moment that must be lived, dealt with, decided...  Fault Lines is Miller's first play; she is definitely a talent to keep an eye on."
-Martin Denton, NYTheaterNow