Rebecca Louise Miller

Writer - Performer - Can of beans

Coming Soon: One Day Home, a comedic short film written by Rebecca Louise Miller, directed by Drew Denny, produced by Susan Brennan. Click here to learn more!


b.weekly Fashion Forward 9.10: It's Raining (the) Men('s Store at Bloomingdale's)

A bit of propaganda for our new private label offerings (including a contest), plus advertising for and underwear bedazzling extravaganza. BONUS: I embarrass a Fashion Director!

b.weekly Fashion Forward 7.23: Our BFF, DVF!

I got paid to rhapsodize about the creatrix of the wrap dress. DVF 'till I die.

b.weekly 7.24: Happy Birthday, Prince George

A fashion retrospective of the prince's first year.

b.weekly Fashion Forward 7.19: Bonjour, Paris Couture!

Inspiration from Paris Fashion Week, a snappy new home dry cleaner and more.

b.quickly: What in the Weitzman World is a Non-Congruent Consolidation Shoe Sale?

Everybody loves a non-congruent consolidation shoe sale... even when they aren't quite sure what it means.

b.weekly 9.18: Hold Onto Your Haggis!

An ill-informed missive on Scottish independence.