Rebecca Louise Miller

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Coming Soon: One Day Home, a comedic short film written by Rebecca Louise Miller, directed by Drew Denny, produced by Susan Brennan. Click here to learn more!

The world premiere of Capacity is a hit in California!


Here's what the critics have to say...

David Templeton, North Bay Bohemian

"A lovely, captivating exploration... Albert and Mileva's complicated romance asks whether intense genius and intense love can long exist in the same relationship, or the same person."
"A speculative story of stunning emotional power."

"Miller's lyrical storytelling... is clear-eyed and beautifully crafted. Capacity casts a spell that may forever alter how we feel about Albert Einstein."

5/5 stars

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Alexa Chipman, Imagination Lane Reviews

"Capacity is a study in wonder- its beauty of creation and destruction."
"Playwright Rebecca Louise Miller finds the right balance between technical mathematics and down to earth dialog, giving a flavor of science without the play becoming a lecture on physics."
"A rare opportunity to wrestle with the question of what freedom truly means. Journey through an evening of intellectual stimulation and tragic love."

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World Premiere at Main Stage West, Sebastopol, CA

Running September 2-18 - Buy tickets here

 One Day Home

Sometimes you find more than you're shopping for.

A sexy short comedy with a broken heart of gold, directed by Drew Denny, produced by Susan Brennan and Alfredo Narciso, and written by Rebecca Louise Miller.

Starring Cathy Curtin, Frank Harts, Michelle Hurst, Alfredo Narciso, Larry Pine and Rebecca Louise Miller