Rebecca Louise Miller

Writer - Performer - Can of beans

Coming Soon: One Day Home, a comedic short film written by Rebecca Louise Miller, directed by Drew Denny, produced by Susan Brennan. Click here to learn more!

Swoon!  One Day Home won the Audience Award at the Iron Mule Film Festival at Brooklyn's Alamo Draft House! 

 Iron Mule Short Comedy Screening Se

For those of you keeping score, we're up to six festivals: a world premiere at the Austin Film Festival and screenings at the Virginia Film Fest, Big Apple Film Fest, Newport Beach Film Fest, then Iron Mule and the Lighthouse International Film Fest in Long Beach Island, NJ.

For a film about beds, that's a lot of late nights out.

In the next bed.jpg

One Day Home

Sometimes you find more than you're shopping for.

A sexy short comedy with a broken heart of gold, directed by Drew Denny, produced by Susan Brennan and Alfredo Narciso, and written by Rebecca Louise Miller.

Starring Catherine Curtin, Frank Harts, Michelle Hurst, Alfredo Narciso, Larry Pine and Rebecca Louise Miller

Capacity listed one of Bay Area's Top 10 Torn Tickets!

"In Rebecca Louise Miller's emotionally satisfying, occasionally surreal fantasia on the relationship between Albert Einstein and his first wife, Mileva, the playwright pulls away the veneer of saintliness carried for decades by the man who developed the theory of relativity. This cosmic antiā€“love story was honestly and frankly bitter, and also strangely and compellingly lovely."

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