Rebecca Louise Miller

Writer - Performer - Can of beans

Coming Soon: One Day Home, a comedic short film written by Rebecca Louise Miller, directed by Drew Denny, produced by Susan Brennan. Click here to learn more!

One Day Home is heading to the Key West Film Festival on November 21!

We’re up to ten festivals!
For a film about beds, that's a lot of late nights...

One Day Home, directed by Drew Denny, written by Rebecca Louise Miller

“…a touching and sensitively executed allegory about hope.”

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Still reeling from the implosion of her marriage, Frida embarks on an epic quest: to find the perfect mattress to launch her new life. When she curls up next to an intriguing stranger, she remembers that beds are for more than just sleeping

One Day Home was directed by Drew Denny, written by Rebecca Louise Miller, and stars Catherine Curtin, Frank Harts, Michelle Hurst, Rebecca Louise Miller, Alfredo Narciso and Larry Pine.